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Capture immediate market exposure, year-long recognition for your company or organisation, perhaps find future employees or collaborators and support the goals of the congress yeast2019 by becoming a sponsor and/or exhibitor at this international conference. Do not miss this opportunity for great visibility in a way that meets the style and needs of your company/organisation.

Yeast2019 is the 29st conference in a most successful series organised every other year by the international yeast research community. This community is at the forefront of genetics, molecular cell biology, functional genomics, and biotechnology, as illustrated by recent Nobel laureates. The number of participants at previous meetings has been 800-1,000 from all over the world.

Yeasts are the most important industrial microorganisms used in brewing, wine making, bread baking, protein production, drug screening and more. Moreover, yeast is an excellent model organism. Yeast researchers make use of all relevant research tools in molecular and cellular biology, genetics, genomics, functional genomics and bioinformatics. Yeast researchers publish in the most prestigious science journals. Many now commonly used research tools in genetics and genomics, have been developed by yeast researchers. Hence, this conference is an important market place for interacting with an innovative and well-funded research community.

The conference has an extremely high visibility within the research community. It is THE place to make new contacts for future business, ventures, collaboration, and recruitment. Note also that this conference provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about the needs of your (potential) custumers, to train your staff in customer relation and to be updated on latest developments and trends.

Sponsor and Exhibition packages: read here

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